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We know that every woman needs a posse of other women to thrive. Thus, our goal is to bring the KNOW Book + Tribe to every major market in the United States and Canada. Wanna help drive the movement forward? Read on...

When we lift each other, we rise together.

Become a KNOW Ambassador

We are searching for influencers, tastemakers, and fellow dynamic women that are well-connected, savvy, in tune with community, and believe in our mission to support and empower women.

If this is you, become a KNOW Ambassador! Connect with us at KNOW Publications to find out how to bring the KNOW Book + Tribe to your City! We are currently searching for ambassadors to launch: Winter | Spring | Fall of 2019.

Ambassador Profile

  • Must be local to your market and connected to the female business community.
  • Must be able to dedicate 4-6 months to filling the pages of the KNOW Book and able to host events throughout the year.
  • Must be passionate about women and helping them rise.

  • Serve as the on-the-ground leader for the KNOW Book + Tribe in your city.
  • Assist in filling the pages of the KNOW Book and secure community partners.
  • Create local community to spread the mission of The KNOW Book + Tribe.
  • Plan the launch events and host mix & mingles throughout the year for the In the KNOW and Tribe members.

Passionate about women?

Let’s do this! Become an ambassador in your city!

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