Paige Parsons – Kendra Scott

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Born and raised in Scottsdale, Paige Parsons is passionate about her community, especial supporting women.
Three years ago, Paige found herself in a Kendra Scott store swooning over the jewelry and people. She quickly learned Kendra’s story and the foundation of her companies three pillars; Family, Fashion and Philanthropy. The connection of business and passion led Paige to become an Area Community Relations and Event Manager. Paige represents the culture while overseeing all event strategy for Arizona. Her desire for promoting the three pillars while building partnerships is what drives her success. In 2018 she led her team to hosting over 400 Kendra Gives Back events, donating over two thousand pieces of jewelry and raising $200,000 that go back to our communities, schools, and women’s foundations. Paige has a heart for community, encourages others to go beyond, to be kind and don’t be afraid to go after something you want.

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