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St. Pete | Clearwater – the area known for its immaculate waterside views and laidback lifestyle. Located on the Pinellas peninsula, this area is jam-packed with amazing women from all walks of lives and industries. 

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Julie Tingley

After 15 successful years in the medical sales industry, Julie Tingley decided to stay home to be with her two little girls. Her passion to celebrate women from every industry and at every life-stage purposefully grew after receiving professional push-back for her decision to take time off from her career with the birth of her first daughter. Setting the example of female empowerment, inclusion and collaboration for both children became the driving force that motivated her to bring the KNOW Book + Tribe to Tampa Bay. It is not only a celebration of today, but also a change-agent for the future of the area where Julie’s girls (and so many others) will grow to become a new generation of women to KNOW.

Ingrid Harb

Ingrid Harb is a global advocate from Mexico who fought through the cultural mold to create a career for herself and hundreds of young women around the world. She founded the Women Ambassadors Forum in 2015 while still in college. Ingrid, who is now 24 years old, has since partnered with over 25 Fortune 500 companies and created four five-day forums that have reached women from 85 countries. Ingrid is empowering women internationally to pursue their career goals regardless of social, economic, racial or cultural background.

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Christina Jones

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Jessica Fredericks

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Synthia Therese


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