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Welcome to KNOW Los Angeles – aka La La Land and the place where people come to be noticed. From bloggers and influencers to entertainers and hard core business owners, this city is filled with amazingly talented women!

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Meet the Contributors

Rachel Cannon

You may recognize Rachel Cannon from one of your favorite sitcoms, but that’s not the only reason she hopes you’ll remember her name. Rachel is committed to women empowerment and has mentored over a thousand women as they start a business of their own. She helps them crawl out of that pesky comfort zone, shove their fears in the closet and take a chance on themselves. Rachel has created an incredible community where women truly support each other, not only in business but in life. She’s created an army of women that are dreaming big and chasing that dream with the tenacity that it deserves.

Nicole Myden

While my journey has taken me to currently live and work in Scottsdale, Arizona, my connection to Los Angeles and the incredible business women making daily strides authentically and purposefully to impact the masses remains so close to my heart and part of my daily routine. I’ve always loved and appreciated connecting great people together, to open the doors for conversations and aligned synergies to manifest — it truly gives me so much gratitude and joy to see women celebrating one another and lifting each other to rise to their very best potential in all areas of their life.I am humbled to be your KNOW Los Angeles Ambassador, to be able to give back and shine a light on all your incredible accomplishments, there’s truly no better time!

Meet the Photographers

Stephanie Day
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Kim Butan

Cloth & Stone Photography


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