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Welcome to KNOW Edmonton – aka The City of Champions. From influencers and fashionistas to executives and hard core business owners, this city is filled with amazingly talented women!

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Marina Perilli

Marina has built her business on never-ending dreams and a forever-full pot of coffee. In every aspect of her life, she values community over competition and she strives to inspire everyone she meets to embrace the strength of a supportive community. By constantly rising to accomplish the dreams in her own life, she inspires others to chase their highest potential too, empowering others to embrace their wins, flaws, and journeys together.

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Renata Perilli

Renata has embraced her passion for a strong community since she was little. She thrives on her need to help those around her, whether it’s with a smile or your new favorite shade of lipstick. She uses her own road bumps and hard lessons to educate and empower women to be the most that they can be. With the belief that we rise by lifting others, she leads by example and aims to support everyone through thick and thin.

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Stephanie Perilli

Stephanie can light up a room with her energy or a bottle of wine and everyone’s better for it. She takes on each day as a new beginning and is ready for whatever it may bring. She prides herself on her ability to take control of a situation – right down to the art of bagging groceries – and has learned to find strength in both asking for help and providing it. She aspires to remind others how beautiful the world is around us and how incredible the people are that fill it.


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Nicole McLean

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Amy Lawley


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