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The KNOW BOOK is an annual publication featuring 100+ dynamic women from virtually every industry. Every woman featured in KNOW has been vetted through peer-review. Because the mission is to showcase the best and brightest, the only way one can claim their slot is through nomination. The women featured are a compilation of proven leaders, high producers, and rising stars. Those published in the KNOW book are also considered trendsetters, influencers, and women to watch.

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While deemed the new WHO’S WHO, the KNOW book also delivers readers a vetted list of local female-run businesses. Meet 100+ dynamic women you should KNOW and do business with!

Published Annually

The KNOW book is published once per year. It’s a perfect bound illustration of the most dynamic women in its city. Look inside a KNOW book and you’ll see carefully curated pages that highlight our featured women in both a glamorous and authentic style.

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The KNOW book is distributed throughout the year at high-level social and networking events and through our business partnerships. Pick up a complimentary KNOW book at one of our stock locations or order online.

Its more than just a book.

The KNOW TRIBE is a collection of dynamic female business owners, leaders and philanthropists. We are makers, creators and entrepreneurs from virtually every industry and all walks of life. We are women making big strides in our careers and impacts in our communities. We understand the need for collaboration and the value of fostering relationships. We believe firmly in supporting one another. We are intentional and authentic every step of the way. Together, we work to create a better foundation of living. Thus, we support causes that are near and dear to our hearts and consistently look for ways to pay it forward.




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A monthly membership that will inspire you, empower you, and connect you! An exclusive supplement to the KNOW Book + Tribe, KNOW Societe is a place for greater Collection, Collaboration, and Community. The doors are now open. Take a peek inside!


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